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Create your own list:

1. Limit the length of your referrer list:

2. Block referers from your list. Put one domain on each line:

Usually not needed since most search engines and fake/invalid referrers are blocked by default.

3. Copy-and-paste this HTML code into your web pages

4. Important information

  • Any alteration inside the HTML code may result in error!
  • Do not remove the link to http://referer.org, but feel free to use another image/text.
  • The only and all variations that will work are displayed on this website.
  • Be patient. If your list isn't visible within a day, check the FAQ and the Live Report!
  • Power User? Customize the apperance of your list using CSS and JavaScript.

5. Answers for popular questions

  • YES! You can make the referrer list invisible!
  • YES! You can get a notification when you get a new referrer!
  • YES! We automatically remove referrer spam!
  • YES! You can customize the appearance of your referrer list!
  • YES! This service is 100% free of charge!

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